A Soldier’s Thanksgiving Day

380xNxhires_226781B.jpg.pagespeed.ic.psEdmwNXTkBrought to you by Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission.

Instead of family and friends for Thanksgiving,

We share our gratitude with our comrades-in-arms.

We celebrate the mission we were given and the challenges that lie before us.

Though land and sea separate us, we are one with all Americans.

We are one with each other, one with our Country, and one with those we cherish in our hearts.

Bless our table, Lord, and hear us when we say Grace:

“May we be granted peace. May we be granted strength. May we be granted hope that our lives and our sacrifices will make Your world a better place.

“We join with our brothers and sisters who wear the same uniform, who share the same ideals, and express the same gratitude.

“In Your wisdom, You chose us. We pray that our strengths will be worthy of this task at hand.

“Because we are grateful for this challenge, bless the men and women who share our Thanksgiving table. Amen.”

John H. Tidyman

Thank you to the Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission for sponsoring this story.




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Enjoying a meal together.

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