Piston Power Auto Rama and the I-X Center – Support Veterans

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 7.37.51 AMThe I-X Center and Piston Powered Auto-Rama didn’t have to do this, but they did.
They partnered with the Medina VFW 5137, and three chapters of Rolling Thunder to honor veterans from the Vietnam War. Rad-Air Complete Car Care is presenting the show.
All are commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Vietnam War.
The I-X Center, presenters, and partners donated their time, money, salutes, and expenses to say, “Thank you for your service.”
And we say, “You’re welcome.”
Not all of our comrades are here to express their gratitude. Many are in cemeteries here and across the country. Many more will join them. A stand down in the heavens.
Steve Legerski / Show Manager, added, “We wanted to note the sacrifice of our troops, and when we say, ‘Thank you,’ we also express our heartfelt sympathies to those family members and friends who suffered greatly.”
If readers of DD 214 Chronicle wish to express their gratitude to the sponsors who didn’t forget us, send a note or a personal call to the honorary commanding officer, Steve Legerski / Show Manager 216-265-2514 / slegerski@ixcenter.com
On behalf of veterans, their families, and all who love us, we say, “Thank you, Steve, for keeping us in your thoughts.”
John H. Tidyman
11 Bravo 40
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