Please Stand Up For Lakewood Hospital!

SurgeonsJanuary 27, 2015

Dear Friends of Lakewood Hospital,

We’re blessed to have the VA Hospital in University Circle and the clinic on Brookpark Road. Fact is, lots of veterans don’t use VA health care facilities because the need is not there. With hospitalization costs shared by employees and employers, doctors and hospital care is often local.

Now comes the Cleveland Clinic, the insatiable, international, hospital giant, intent on stamping out Lakewood Hospital. It won’t be the first time, as patients and staff at Huron Road Hospital found out.

Cleveland Clinic, unable to control its lust for money and power, is going to slam shut the doors at Lakewood Hospital, turning doctors, nurses, and staff into the street. And leave citizens and neighbors without a hospital.

Cleveland Clinic non-profit? Don’t insult our intelligence.

Lakewood politicians and power brokers have approved Cleveland Clinic’s desertion of Lakewood. If the pols haven’t stepped up to care for Lakewood citizens, then they have approved the desertion.

It grows more difficult to determine the thieves from the alleged do-gooders.

The time has come to let our elected officials know that Lakewood Hospital is an asset that is critical to the City of Lakewood. On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. at Beck Center, 17801 Detroit Avenue, the Mayor of Lakewood, Lakewood City Council, the Cleveland Clinic, and the Lakewood Hospital Board trustees will hold an open forum to discuss their plans for Lakewood Hospital.

They have negotiated a written a “non-binding” letter of intent with Cleveland Clinic to close the hospital and reopen a new family health center. The following will happen:

  • The city of Lakewood’s Lakewood Hospital, at 457,000 square feet, will be torn down, and the 263 beds will be lost.
  • The city of Lakewood’s $1,000,000 in annual rent from the Cleveland Clinic will be lost. The Cleveland Clinic’s current lease goes through 2026.
  • 1,100 jobs will be transferred or lost to the Cleveland Clinic’s new hospital in Avon, Ohio.
  • Lakewood Hospital’s annual payroll taxes of $500,000 will be lost. These financial losses mean critical services such as police and fire will need to be reduced. Maintenance of parks, city streets, sidewalks, and other services will need to be decreased or taxes will need to be raised.
  • The Cleveland Clinic is buying the office building on Columbia Road and I 90 for 8.2 million. That purchase will help maintain city services in the short term.
  • The Cleveland Clinic is buying the office building on Columbia Road and I 90 for 8.2 million. That purchase will help maintain city services in the short term.
  • According to the County Auditor, the building on Columbia Road and I 90 is worth about 13 million. The Cleveland Clinic is getting quite a deal!
  • Doctors who maintain offices in surrounding buildings will close and move their offices out of the city of Lakewood. This will mean additional jobs from office workers, nurses, and professional staff will be lost.
  • Restaurants and service providers located in Lakewood will see a significant loss of business. Businesses will close along Detroit Avenue.
  • Property values of buildings and homes throughout Lakewood will depreciate.
  • The Cleveland Clinic will not allow another hospital to operate on the current property.
  • The Cleveland Clinic will spend 34 million to build a sleek new 64,000 square foot family health center on Detroit Avenue and operate a 24-7-365 emergency room.
  • The Cleveland Clinic will maintain a smaller staffed emergency room. It will no longer be a Level 2 emergency room since the hospital will be gone.
  • The current emergency room will close when the new building is built.
  • The emergency room was rebuilt from millions of dollars from Lakewood residents and was dedicated in 2000. Those gifts will be dismissed as foolish investments.
  • On Thursday, January 15, 2015, Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Toby Cosgrove, Lakewood’s Mayor Michael Summers, and Lakewood Hospital’s trustee, Ken Haber held a press conference at Lakewood City Hall announcing this new agreement.
  • Cosgrove said, “Look at the Huron Community Health Center and what it has done for that community.” Cosgrove was talking about the health center that replaced the Huron Road Hospital that the Cleveland Clinic closed in East Cleveland.
  • After East Cleveland filed a lawsuit, the Cleveland Clinic reached a deal with East Cleveland to provide 20 million dollars to replace lost payroll and money to tear down the Huron Road Hospital. Many jobs and payroll taxes were lost and now the city of East Cleveland is nearly bankrupt.

Will Lakewood be the next city to go bankrupt?

  • The Cleveland Clinic will be able to abandon the Family Health Center at any time and for any reason. The city of Lakewood will be allowed to buy the Family Health Center at a fair market value.
  • The Cleveland Clinic will make payments totaling 24.4 million to a new tax-exempt not-for-profit community based foundation. The 7.6 million will come from Lakewood Hospital assets bringing the total assets for the new foundation to 32 million. The Cleveland Clinic will be afforded naming rights for the new nonprofit foundation, any building(s), and will have two voting board members on the foundation.
  • No other health system provider will operate on the same property.
  • Lakewood will release the Cleveland Clinic from any liability for the violation of their current lease with the city.
  • The city of Lakewood will include the Cleveland Clinic health benefits as a Tier 1 and/or “Preferred Provider” access for city employees.
  • The formal agreement must be executed within 90 days.
  • The negotiations for this agreement have been done in secret, without any citizen input, and possibly in violation of the State of Ohio’s Sunshine Law, Ohio Revised Code Sections 109.43 and 149.43 (E) (1).
  • In 1931, Lakewood City leaders had the foresight to save Lakewood Hospital during the Great Depression. In 2015, will our current city leaders have the same insight to save Lakewood Hospital?

Please come to the January 28, 2015 meeting at Beck Center.

If you’re unable to attend the public forum or wish to contact your elected officials directly, please see their contact information below.

Michael P. Summers, Mayor



Mary Louise Madigan, Council Pres., Ward 4          Ryan Nowlin, Council Vice Pres., At Large

216-228-9579 or 216-529-6053                                      216-712-7582 or 216-529-6053

Email:                             Email:

David W. Anderson, Council – Ward 1                             Sam O’Leary, Council – Ward 2

216-789-6463 or 216-529-6053                                          216-200-8002 or 216-543-0629

Email:                             Email:

Shawn Juris, Council – Ward 3                                           Thomas Bullock, Council – At Large

216-906-8432 or 216-529-6053                                            216-337-1318 or 216-529-6053

Email:                                     Email:

Cindy Marx, Council – At Large

216-521-1848 or 216-534-1772



Mail city officials:

City of Lakewood

12650 Detroit Avenue

Lakewood, OH 44107

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3 comments for “Please Stand Up For Lakewood Hospital!

  1. JoAnna R Condeni
    January 27, 2015 at 10:07 PM

    I , for one will miss this hospital. I have enjoyed volunteering there. I personally think the hospital is vital to our community. While volunteering in the ER I NOTICED ALL THE PEOPLE THAT CAME THROUGH THERE. ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN AND OUR SENIORS. THIS IS TRULY SHAMEFULL CLEVELAND CLINIC, DO YOU REALLY EXPECT

  2. February 10, 2015 at 7:11 PM

    Thank you, JoAnna R. Condeni

  3. lisa
    February 10, 2015 at 10:16 PM

    I will miss this had the best doctors and nurses.they have ellection service.i always take my kids there when they get sick.

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