Women in Uniform

Lt.EmilyPerezLt. Emily Perez,
We Hardly Knew Ye
by John H. Tidyman, editor

War has little regard for the lives of its combatants.
No regard at all for widows, widowers, friends, family members, neighbors, or fellow troops. At the gravesite, saying, “Goodbye forever,” is sad and somber duty.
Once in uniform, every trooper’s life is a matter of training, experience, and leadership. And good fortune. There are no guarantees.
Second Lt. Emily Perez died in Iraq. She led a convoy in Iraq when it hit a roadside bomb.
She graduated from West Point in 2005, where she was the highest ranking black and Hispanic woman graduate. Not just in 2005, but in history.
At West Point, she was a member of the gospel choir and the track team. She was indefatigable. She was proud of her country, West Point, and herself.
She was an officer assigned to Fourth Infantry Division, “Steadfast and Loyal.”
Today, the young lieutenant’s body rests in the West Point cemetery. Read more stories on our current issue.

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    Linda Severance

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